Traveling Helped Me to Change My Life Path

Had you asked me what Colorado was like a few years ago, I would have mentioned that they have mountains. That is about all I knew about the area. But as a sales manager, I found myself being sent there for a number of work meetings located at our Denver office. Coming from the hot desert, I was enamored with the cool summer weather and the beauty there. I ended up meeting some Denver realtors at a restaurant that I ate at, and a couple of them gave me their business cards. I took it as a sign.

While on my latest trip, I was there in the winter when it snows. I’m now stranger to snow. While I live in a hot-weather area in my own state, I used to live in Michigan for about 10 years. I really liked it there, and I always looked forward to the snow. All I needed to do was to dress warmly and then I was fine. I loved how it changed the landscape and made everything so pretty. So, there’s no reason that I wouldn’t be happy about living in it again.

After I went back home, I told my boss that I would be willing to transfer to the location I had been visiting, if they were willing to lose me at my current location. He thought I was joking. He said that they really didn’t want to lose me, but he also said that if I put in for a transfer and the other location approved it, there was nothing they could do. I had already been working 15 years at the location I was at, so I felt that I wouldn’t be leaving too early. I also felt that I deserved to be happy, and a desire to move had been awakened.