Fraud CBI employee naina’s house papers are not clear

Though fraud local cbi, intelligence and security agency officials in panaji, goa, allegedly bribed by google, tata are falsely claiming that the semi literate housewife cbi employee naina, mother of two sons, who does not own or operate computers, owns this website to justify the tax payer money being wasted paying her a monthly salary it is increasingly clear that the cbi employee naina is part of an elaborate fraud.
Most people will ensure that the house papers are changed into their name, after they purchase a house, and start living in the house. However more than 4 years after she has relocated into the house, all the papers like the electricity bill related to the house of cbi employee, domain fraudster housewife naina, remain in the name of the previous owner of the house.
It would be interesting to find out the real reason why the house papers and electricity bill have not been changed to cbi employee naina’s husband name though they are claiming to own the house and are living in the house for more than 4 years now.
Are naina and her husband, a front for a powerful politician or intelligence agency official?