Tenants Getting What They Really Want from New Apartments in Atlanta

There are some okay apartments, then there are some really nice apartments. I’m talking about ones that people who own nice houses would be willing to sell them and move. I found such nice apartments in Atlanta. The buildings surround a central courtyard that has a huge swimming pool with a waterfall. They also have a fitness center that is available any time day or night. This works great for my swing shift work. I can go do my workout before I leave to go to work.

I was very happy to be able to lease my one bedroom single bath place. It is perfect for me and very affordable. I like being able to live in a brand new place without having to go out and buy a piece of property and build a new house on it. This is really nice living here. Everything is new. I have lived in some places that were okay in their prime but were now run down. This is an example of your latest apartment construction in the Atlanta area.

They have a dog park for my dog. I think he likes it here even more than me. He has a great time at the dog park. They call it a “Bark Park.” They even have Electric Vehicle Car Charging Stations (EVCs), so you know it is catering to my kind of crowd. Another great thing is that the whole community is 100 percent smoke free. I cannot tell you how good that is on my asthma. It only gets triggered by smoke and some pollens. It was a very good choice for me to lease an apartment here. Good places to live are tough to find nowadays, but some builders are finally getting it and making what the tenants want in their rented dwellings.