Kingfisher Villa auction

To avoid the numerous lenders, the owner of United Breweries, Kingfisher beer brand, Vijay Mallya left India, and allegedly is living in England. Now the banks who facing a loan default are trying to recover their money selling off the assets of Vijay Mallya in India including his property in Mumbai and Goa. In Goa, Vijay Mallya had a very luxurious mansion Kingfisher Villa in Candolim, North Goa where he held parties and entertained his guests, The well designed villa had a number of swimming pools, luxurious amenities, the latest in interior decor and artwork.
When Vijay Mallya was unable to repay his loans, SBI Caps attached Kingfisher Villa after completing the necessary formalities, contacting the collector of North Goa, Nila Mohanan. Before the actual auction was conduction, prospective buyers were allowed to inspect Kingfisher Villa, make a note of the facilities available at the mansion, evaluate the resale or market value of the home. SBI Caps specified four days for inspection of Kingfisher Villa in september and october 2016, so that the prospective buyers had sufficient time to check the luxury home.
For many luxury homes, there are no bidders willing to pay the reserve price of the home and the home remains unsold for a long time.
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