A Move Too Cool for School

My fiancee and I have been going to the same college for a combination of three and a half years. We both love our school, but we did not like living on campus. It was pure hell. I was tired if not having the privacy that I wanted. I also felt that we were old enough to make our own rules regarding our life. We did not need chaperons dictating our adult lives. We both decided to get a place to live off campus. We searched for a New Futura condo as our new shelter.

My fiancee and I both met in freshman year of college. We both declared our majors in business. We had so much in common. I knew early on that we were kindred spirits. I never felt that way about a woman until I met my girlfriend. We dated for a couple of years. After a while, I decided to propose marriage to her. I was so happy when she accepted, but all was not well.

The dorm directors in our dorm were annoying. They never let us have any fun. We had stupid rules that we had to follow. For example, we could not have guest in our dorm room after ten at night. I was twenty at the time. I felt that it was really embarrassing to have to abide by such childish rules. My fiancee felt the same way. We knew that things had to change.

We found the perfect condo. It was love at first sight. It had all the things that we wanted. It was very luxurious and spacious. The closets were full of room for my fiancee’s clothes. She had a lot. I was very pleased with the complex. The neighborhood seemed to be very safe. I purchased our room immediately without hesitation.