Our Choice for Our New Condo in Singapore

I finally found the place I knew my wife would enjoy living at. Just the look of the buildings are enough to catch your attention if you have an eye for pleasing aesthetics. My wife is a wonderful artist, and she could not wait to see the New Futura condos once I showed her a brochure. The website is at thenewfuturacondo.com.sg. It is being built on Leonie Hill Road. There are two towers to this project. It has an up-swept design to the edges that make each tower look like a glowing golden lantern at night.

One thing we both found to be really cool is the Sky Aqua center of the North Tower on the 23rd level. The lap pool is built right up to the edge of the building. It is really cool to be able to swim 23 floors up and look out to see the cityscape. At ground level there is a huge infinity lap pool in the area that would be the courtyard between the two towers. There is basement parking available. They are pet-friendly, and there is a pet area outside and a walking trail to enjoy. The pet lawn is closest to the South Tower, so you might want to choose to live in that building if you have a dog to walk. Otherwise, you have to walk clear across the property to get to the pet-relief area.

Next to the pool at ground level is a day bed area. There are cabanas also available. The whole place is built around giving people areas to relax in and enjoy. I like spending a lot of time outdoors in the sunshine. The sunlight and warmth are to me like a battery charger is to my mobile phone. The spaces at ground level offer plenty of nooks and crannies to find some privacy in.