I Started to Look for a Place in the Country

Of course the job I have now makes it really easy for me to consider a new place outside of Salt Lake City. Aside from the fact that I like to go see the Jazz play on occasion there is not any pressing reason for me to stay close to the city itself. Basically I am rarely at the office, I work from home or I go out in the field and most of that is not in the city itself which is not my territory. So I am looking for the best Utah county real estate agent to help me with the hunt. In Texas they would call the sort of thing I am looking for a cowboy starter, meaning that I want a piece of land where I can have a horse and a stable and enough room to do some other things. I do not have the desire to do any real farming, but a couple of goats and some chickens would be fine.

A little lake to fish in would be extra nice. I was wondering if was possible to stock a pond with trout here, I think that you really need colder weather year round to do that properly and so I guess that it would be better if you were at altitude if that were a priority. It is not really though. I really only need relatively close access to a highway. So long as I can get on the highway in a short period I think that is good enough really. I really would not even mind if I were closer to Provo than not, since that is really the focus of where I am going to be operating for the immediate future. So it should not really be that difficult to find what I am looking for.