Organized stalking and home value

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Manipulation of home values

One of the reasons why officials and high profile individuals like actors, politicians prefer to invest in real estate is that the value of the home can be manipulated easily as they wish. These officials are ruthless in abusing their powers to harass, defame, cheat and exploit vulnerable people, often trying to implicate them in false cases, so that they can acquire the property cheaply.
These officials will then ensure that they are not accused of corruption, by saying that their victim sold the property or home to them willingly at a fraction of the market price of the home as they need the money urgently or some other personal reason.
Thus many powerful officials have multiple homes in different cities which are extremely valuable, yet acquired at a price which is a fraction of the market price of the home.

Risk of investing in homes

There is an abundance of risk associated with buying or investing in homes. Edmonton has seen slight fluctuation in property values over recent year. When looking for apartments for rent Edmonton start online, determine your desired neighbourhoods and set a budget.

Though real estate is the preferred investment for most people, there are many risk of investing in real estate for people who are not well connected. In India powerful intelligence and security agency officials will often prefer to invest their black money in homes or abuse their powers to acquire expensive real estate cheaply.
So if a vulnerable person, like a single woman or senior citizen own a lot of property or expensive homes, they are likely to be targetted by corrupt powerful local officials, who have no qualms abusing their powers for personal gain to grab the property .
Hence a person who is not well connected should take note of the harsh reality of living in a country where corruption levels are high, and only have one home in a city or town for personal use

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Home evaluation services

Though investing in property can be risky for some people and it is not easy to sell the property, most people prefer to invest a large part of their income in their home. So when selling or purchasing, renting or leasing a home it is important for home owner as well as the tenant or buyer to have an accurate evaluation of the value of the house. If a loan will be taken to purchase the home, the lending firm will also have their independent expert to estimate the value of the home and accordingly decide the loan amount which can be sanctioned against the home.
A look at the factors affecting the value of a home, companies and organizations who provide the evaluation services.
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