Safety considerations and home value

A major consideration while selecting a home and home value is how safe the locality where the person is residing. In some posh areas, homes are under intense surveillance making it difficult for anyone to enter the area without being monitored. However intelligence agencies in some areas are allowed to enter homes using duplicate keys without a court order or informing the home owner in advance. So if these officials dislike the home owner due to personal reasons like jealousy, casteism and greed, they can abuse their power for their personal gains.
While a person who does not have a posh home is unlikely to have anything much of value in the home, people with expensive gadgets and valuables are more likely to be targetted for theft. In other case, a person may be targetted for vandalism . So people are more likely to leave areas where theft and vandalism will be reported, and the home rates will decline accordingly.

Row house vs flat for human rights abuses victim

Being ruthlessly tortured using invisible directed energy weapons for years, has allowed an obc domain investor, paypal account holder to scientifically evaluate the advantages of a row house and flat for a person targetted for human rights abuses.
In a row house, the cruel officials can target their victim far more accurately to cause great pain. If the person is living alone the targetting willl be more accurate and the pain will be unbearable for the domain investor.
On the other hand, in a flat, usually the people in the neighbouring flat will also experience some pain. So the officials will usually warn those living in the neighbouring flat to move away before launching an attack. Hence torturing a domain investor living alone in a row house will be far more easier for ntro officials.

So domain investors targetted for human rights abuses should avoid living alone to prevent being tortured or reduce the damage caused by the torture.

High power radiation beams make house unliveable for domain investor

It is increasingly difficult for a obc domain investor, Paypal account holder to live in the house whose address is provided in the whois because high power radiation beams are misused to cause great pain. On 8 October 2015 at around 4.45 pm the domain investor was attacked with a high power radiation beam causing unbearable pain.
This forced the domain investor to flee the house to avoid further damage to the body and pain. So one factor determining the value of a house are whether the house has been under surveillance earlier, as the officials will continue to monitor the house after a change in the house ownership.

Expensive homes monitored closely

In countries like India where real estate prices and corruption levels are high, people living in posh areas of a city or town will find that their homes are being monitored closely. Allegedly intelligence agency officials are closely monitoring whether a person is entering or leaving the house. These officials can detect the presence of the individual within a few hours of the person entering the house.
When these officials find that the person is not at home for some time, they will enter the home and steal low value items from the house , which the home owner will not bother to file a police complaint for. in other cases, if they find that the person is at home, they may attack the person with expensive radiation weapons causing great pain.

These officials hope to create problems for the home owners, to force them to sell the house cheaply.

Location and home value

The value of a home depends to a great extent on the location of the home in which city, town or country the home will be located. It is also dependent on the availability of land for building a home, population and number of investors interested. Though the price of a specific home depends to a some extent on the condition of the home, how well maintained it is,age of the home, the location is usually the main factor determining the value of a home.
Usually in the more expensive areas of the town or city, there are a limited number of homes available and the residents of the area are well off and high profile. The social status of an individual depends to a great extent on the location where he or she is staying. The amenities in the area are also better, with regular electricity and water supply compared to other parts of the city or state.