Officials abuse their powers to grab homes,property

It appears that there are a large number of officials who have no qualms abusing their powers to grab homes, property, especially in posh areas of a city or town which will be expensive. The home owner may be the most law abiding person in the world, yet the cunning officials will make up fake allegations without proof, to put the person under surveillance, which help them frame the person, make fake allegations, manipulate the video footage.

When intelligence and security agency officials are involved in the home, or land grab, it will create more problems as they can remain hidden and cannot be held accountable. Compared to other financial assets, property prices can be manipulated to a great extent.

Home evaluation services for home loans

Usually lenders will hire the services of a firm or individual offering home evaluation services before deciding the amount of the home loan and other terms and conditions. Though the income, profession and other details are factors in deciding the home loan, the value of the home as assessed by the home evaluation firm will also determine the amount of the home loan.
In case of the borrower is unable to repay the home loan the lender will often take possession of the home and sell it off.