Political parties realize that owners of expensive real estate are targetted

In one of the poshest areas of panaji, the AAP has been advertising extensively, asking people to contact for help, because they are slowly realizing that wealthy individuals are most likely to be targetted for harassment, cheating, exploitation and are least likely to get any genuine help
Most of the people living in the posh areas have worked very hard to earn money and purchase an expensive house in the posh area, yet they are often targetted for a malicious slander campaign without any proof at all by the extremely powerful charming intelligence and security agencies
In residential complexes, neighbours are often on good terms with each other, in the posh areas of panaji, most neighbours are not on talking terms, and are usually told completely false stories about their neighbours.
If a person has been living in a particular area for decades, his or her neighbours are not likely to believe in the lies of others, however, if a person has just moved into an area, the neighbours are more likely to believe in the completely false stories of intelligence and security agencies

Radiation levels affecting home choice, prices

Increasingly in metro cities, the higher radiation levels at all frequencies due to mobile phone towers and other sources are adversely affecting the health of people at all ages causing health problems like headache, memory loss, insomnia. So awareness levels about the mobile radiation damage has been increasing in the last few years, and residents in an area are quick to protest against mobile towers being installed.
In case they are not able to get the mobile tower removed, people have to invest more money to make their homes radiation proof to reduce the danger caused by radiation. For example anti radiation curtains and anti radiation quilts are available for sale. Though they are priced far more than the standard product available, radiation torture victims have no choice but to purchase these expensive curtains and anti radiation devices.