Dangers of owning big homes

Every Sunday, for the last one month, there has been an ad in the English language papers of Goa, Herald, Navhind Times, Times of India, regarding a theft at the home of Mukesh Gulati, Ocean park, Dona Paula offering a reward of Rs 5 lakh to any person who can provide any information. According to earlier reports, a robbery of a large amount approximately Rs 50 lakh had taken place in the house. Though it was a big bungalow with more than 3 watchmen , 5 maidservants, CCTV cameras, it appears that the police are unable to trace the robbers after a month.
This indicates the dangers of owning a big home, especially if valuables are kept at home. As the number of people required for security and household help will increase, the dangers of confidential personal information being leaked are also increasing, like how much money or valuables are being kept in the house, where it is likely to be kept and how it can be taken without being detected.
NTRO has kept harmless paypal account holders under surveillance for more than 6 years, falsely claiming security concerns, yet they are unable to ensure the safety of indian citizens who are victims of theft, a clear indication of the misplaced priorities. If there is nothing of value in a big home, then the risk of theft is less, however most large home owners are extremely wealthy, purchase expensive appliances, gadgets, lead a lavish lifestyle.

Most big houses which are bungalows are isolated, so no one notices anyone entering or leaving the house, reducing the safety. For any home security, people are the weakest link, because every person has his or her weak point which can be exploited. As the size of the home increasing the staff required for maintenance, security of the house will also increase who can be induced to betray the home owner, and this can be a major disadvantage of owning a big house, affecting the home value.

Traveling Helped Me to Change My Life Path

Had you asked me what Colorado was like a few years ago, I would have mentioned that they have mountains. That is about all I knew about the area. But as a sales manager, I found myself being sent there for a number of work meetings located at our Denver office. Coming from the hot desert, I was enamored with the cool summer weather and the beauty there. I ended up meeting some Denver realtors at a restaurant that I ate at, and a couple of them gave me their business cards. I took it as a sign.

While on my latest trip, I was there in the winter when it snows. I’m now stranger to snow. Continue reading “Traveling Helped Me to Change My Life Path”