Home owners forced to lead nomadic lives

Increasingly some people who have homes in posh areas are forced to lead a nomadic life as powerful intelligence and security agency officials waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money trying to implicate them in false cases, so that they will be forced to sell their expensive and posh house cheaply.
The owners of the posh house will be under surveillance for years without a legally valid reason, as the officials try to frame the business owner for personal gain.

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Dishonest greedy intelligence, security agency officials affect home prices

In some places, the intelligence and security agency officials will acknowledge the fact that a person has a right to his or her hard earned money and do not trouble the person wasting tax payer money. In other places, the local intelligence and security agency officials are extremely greedy and will harass, cheat and torture small business owners to force them to sell a stake in the business to them very cheaply.
This will make it difficult for a small business to flourish in the area, reducing employment opportunities and the demand for rental homes or homes for sale as people have less money.
When there is no demand for real estate, especially homes, the home prices will decrease to a very great extent and most people will be forced to migrate to other areas where there are more jobs being generated.