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Appraisal of home value for reverse mortgage

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The amount a person will receive from a reverse mortgage depends to a large extent on the appraised value of the home by the licensed appraiser. The appraised value of a home for tax purposes will typically be less, so the appraiser will consider the sale price of similar homes in the area according to property records and then modify the price depending on the specific features, amenities, location, size, views of the home. If the home has an attached swimming pool, landscaped garden, high tech security system, the appraised value for reverse mortgage will be higher .

Warning about false claims of sex specialist, housewife and other fraud R&AW/CBI/indian government employees

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Kindly note that allegedly bribe by google, tata , the shameless fraud playboy ntro officials are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy goan sex partners R&AW employees slim jeans clad skeletal obc bhandari fraud sunaina chodnekar(with thick hair), goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, veena, ruchika, naina and other frauds are providing content and owning the website to justify the wastage of indian tax payer money on these lazy mediocre fraud women paying them a monthly salary.
In reality these google, tata sponsored fraud indian government employees have never done any work online or invested any money online in their life and are least interested in doing so, they are getting a salary for having sex with powerful officials, cheating, lies, betrayal and being relatives of powerful government officials.

In reality NTRO officials have been bribed to defame the real domain investor allegedly by google, tata for their corporate goals, so these cunning officials are putting the domain investor under surveillance falsely claiming national security and then falsely claiming that all the work is being done by their sex partners, girlfriends and cheater relatives who are actually not doing any work at all.

The fact that the R&AW employee sunaina or sunny bunny is only the sex partner of the playboy ntro officials has become world famous. Anyone who can help the domain investor recover the money, about Rs 1.1 lakh, looted by R&AW shivalli brahmin fraud employee bbm nayanshree hathwar will be appreciated, as bengaluru police refuse to take any action against the brahmin fraud. R&AW, CBI, NTRO refuse to admit that these women have been hired for sex or cheating alone, they are not internet specialist at all.

However these shameless greedy indian intelligence agency employees who always want to take credit without doing any work are very sensitive to criticism and quick to shout defamation, when the factually correct news of their fraud will be published online. When the news of R&AW employee sunaina being the mistress/sex partner of top tata, google, ntro, cbi, raw officials was published as part of a sponsored reviews post, the post was rejected wasting the domain investors time as these officials continue to falsely claim that their lazy greedy goan sex partner R&AW employee sunaina, who does no work and does not invest any money online, owns the blog

It is very easy to legally prove that no R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employee owns the blog or associated paypal account
– check the whois address of the domain name
– check the Pan of the paypal account with the pan of the indian intelligence agency employee receiving a monthly salary
-check the bank account associated with the Paypal account.

Why dont these lazy greedy fraud google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees open their own paypal account, invest their own money in domain names and websites why do they continue to behave like section 420 frauds and falsely claim to own the paypal account and domain names of a private indian citizen. There are some blogposts from sponsored reviews, linkworth and other internet advertisers on this website, visitors should be aware of the fact that the lazy greedy goan obc bhandari sex specialist slim jeans clad skeletal sunaina chodnekar , her fraud associates including a slim woman with a child residing at st inez and othe fraud indian intelligence employees are not associated with the website in any way at all.

Well educated neighbours help improve the home value

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Even if a person has a home in a posh area, if the neighbours are uneducated and less qualified, it can adversely affect the value of the home. Uneducated or less educated neighbours, with no professional experience, are more likely to be involved in impersonation and other frauds causing problems for an educated and well off person living in the area.
On other hand, a well educated and experienced professional or business owner will care for his or her online and offline reputation and not make false claims or try to grab the home using unethical means. For example inexperienced mediocre R&AW/CBI employees slim jeans clad obc bhandari bsc sunaina, 8th standard pass naina in goa are least interested about their online and offline reputation, so these lazy fraud government employees and their powerful associates continue to make completely fake claims to grab their neighbours hard earned money, home and get a monthly salary from the indian government.

Home appraisal for reverse mortgage

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One of the main factors to be considered for a reverse mortgage of a home will be the value of the home. The firm offering reverse mortgage to senior citizens will have its team of professional appraisers who will check the value of similar homes which were recently sold in the same area. Some of the other factors to be considered while appraising the value of the home are the size of the home, amenities and features of the home, age of the home, views from the home and exact location. Well maintained homes with many amenities and gadgets installed will often have a higher appraised value.

Unclear papers affecting home value

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Unclear papers can affect the value of a home for rental and resale purposes. If a home is taken on rent, even if the papers are not clear, the loss that can be caused will be limited, as most tenants sign a deal for only 11 months. However while purchasing a home, it is important to ensure that the papers are clear, especially in India.
Increasingly well connected people are using unethical methods to get possession of expensive homes due to rising corruption, nepotism levels in indian intelligence and security agencies who cannot be identified or held accountable.
The family occupying the home may be respectable, yet when the papers are checked there are some unexplained problems.
For example the electricity bill will continue to be in the name of the previous owner.
In some cases, there is no change in the name of the owner in the electricity bill for more 3 decades.
This can be a major problem while purchasing homes which are constructed a few decades ago.

So when real estate agents or service providers are assessing the value of a home, they should also consider whether there is any controversy related to the ownership of the home, which could cause a legal problem later.

Fraud CBI employee naina’s house papers are not clear

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Though fraud local cbi, intelligence and security agency officials in panaji, goa, allegedly bribed by google, tata are falsely claiming that the semi literate housewife cbi employee naina, mother of two sons, who does not own or operate computers, owns this website to justify the tax payer money being wasted paying her a monthly salary it is increasingly clear that the cbi employee naina is part of an elaborate fraud.
Most people will ensure that the house papers are changed into their name, after they purchase a house, and start living in the house. However more than 4 years after she has relocated into the house, all the papers like the electricity bill related to the house of cbi employee, domain fraudster housewife naina, remain in the name of the previous owner of the house.
It would be interesting to find out the real reason why the house papers and electricity bill have not been changed to cbi employee naina’s husband name though they are claiming to own the house and are living in the house for more than 4 years now.
Are naina and her husband, a front for a powerful politician or intelligence agency official?

Rental value of property

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With bank interest rates in most countries low, real estate has become one of the most attractive investment options worldwide. In addition to apppreciation of the value of real estate over a period of time, most countries offer tax breaks to real estate investors and the home owner can also earn a passive income from the property by renting it out. Before renting the property , one of important issues faced by property owners is How to Assess the Correct Rent Amount for your Property. If the property owner will charge a high amount he or she will find it difficult to get a tenant, and if the amount being charged as rent is too low, the property owner will not get a good return on his or her investment.

There are various factors which determine the rent amount for any property. One of the main factors is the location of the property. In large cities there are a large number of people living in the city for work or business, so there is more demand for both commercial and residential property on rent. In comparison, in villages, small towns and other remote areas, there are few business or employment opportunities, so rental rates for property are often a fraction of the rates in large metro cities. This allows the property owner in large cities, metro cities to charge a higher amount as rent as supply of property remains limited while there is a lot of demand.

There are a large number of resources available online to assess the rent amount of a property, especially if it is located in a large city or town, where people have excellent internet access. Many real estate agents, and property websites are listing the rental rates for commercial and residential property in most of the areas of the city or town on their website. They may also provide information on the latest deals they have finalized on behalf of their customers. Like property rates, rental rates are also likely to vary due to macroeconomic factors, so it is important to ensure that the websites used for collecting information are regularly updated.

Cheer For Zidane at #KanakiaParis

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Wealthy businessmen and professionals are looking for exclusive homes which are both a status symbol and an investment which will appreciate in value. One of the most popular trends worldwide is having residential areas associated with popular celebrities especially sportsmen. In keeping with the increasing demand for exclusive homes which are close to the main business hubs of the city, Kanakia Group has launched their new project, Kanakia Paris, BKC, Mumbai which is the inspired by the city of Paris, the capital of France.

The Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) is centrally located in Mumbai, the commercial hub of India and has been specifically developed to cater to the requirement of corporates for well connected commercial space with all the essential amenities. Some of the largest companies in India and multinational companies have their offices in BKC which has more than 10 million square feet of office space. More than 1 million people are expected to be working in the offices in the area, by the end of the year. This makes the Kanakia Paris project of the Kanakia Group a preferred choice for a home for any professional or business owner working in BKC as he or she can reduce the time spent in commuting to a very great extent.

The Kanakia Paris has a strong French influence on every aspect of the design and architecture and people who come to the complex will feel that they are transported to Paris. Finance is available for the 2 and 3 Bedroom Hall Kitchen aprtments, and prospective home owners can make a 20% downpayment, paying the rest 80% after getting possession. The complex has a large sky garden and well equipped wellness zone including an Elle Spa for relaxation and rejuvenation after a hard day at work. The French cafe and bakery at Kanakia Paris allows visitors to partake the famed French cuisine and delicacies. It also has a club concierge who will take care of all the requirements of the residents of the complex.

As people lead a very hectic lifestyle, they are prone to lifestyle diseases so Kanakia Paris has a well equipped wellness zone of approximately 51000 square feet,inspired by the legendary French football player and former French captain Zinedine Zidane. Zinedine Zidane , nicknamed ZiZou was an aggressive attacking midfielder who led the French football team to a victory in the World Cup in 1998. After he retired as a football player, he has been coaching the Spanish football club Real Madrid. Like the well being of football players, the wellness zone at Kanakia Paris is focussed on the wellness of the mind, body and soul of the people residing in the complex.

To make people mentally tough, there is a provision for meditation, mental training, stress management. For a fit and flexible body, the wellzone has a provision for athletics, physical training using treadmills, and also nutrition advice. Other aspects include healing, yoga and spiritual activities like meditation. After a hard day at work or after exercising in the wellness zone, residents of Kanakia Paris, can watch the latest football matches on television or computer or any other gadget featuring Real Madrid coached by Zidane and cheer for Zidane who inspired the exceptionally well designed wellness zone in Kanakia Paris.

#BlogForZidane promo from Kanakia group

If given a chance, how would you Cheer For Zidane at #KanakiaParis

Kindly note no R&AW/CBI/indian government employee is associated with the website in any way, as they do not want to pay any expenses, invest money or do any work, yet shamelessly want to take credit and falsely claim to own the website . Any builder or developer interested in a promo or review of their residential homes or project can send their requirement to

Dangers of owning big homes

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Every Sunday, for the last one month, there has been an ad in the English language papers of Goa, Herald, Navhind Times, Times of India, regarding a theft at the home of Mukesh Gulati, Ocean park, Dona Paula offering a reward of Rs 5 lakh to any person who can provide any information. According to earlier reports, a robbery of a large amount approximately Rs 50 lakh had taken place in the house. Though it was a big bungalow with more than 3 watchmen , 5 maidservants, CCTV cameras, it appears that the police are unable to trace the robbers after a month.
This indicates the dangers of owning a big home, especially if valuables are kept at home. As the number of people required for security and household help will increase, the dangers of confidential personal information being leaked are also increasing, like how much money or valuables are being kept in the house, where it is likely to be kept and how it can be taken without being detected.
NTRO has kept harmless paypal account holders under surveillance for more than 6 years, falsely claiming security concerns, yet they are unable to ensure the safety of indian citizens who are victims of theft, a clear indication of the misplaced priorities. If there is nothing of value in a big home, then the risk of theft is less, however most large home owners are extremely wealthy, purchase expensive appliances, gadgets, lead a lavish lifestyle.

Most big houses which are bungalows are isolated, so no one notices anyone entering or leaving the house, reducing the safety. For any home security, people are the weakest link, because every person has his or her weak point which can be exploited. As the size of the home increasing the staff required for maintenance, security of the house will also increase who can be induced to betray the home owner, and this can be a major disadvantage of owning a big house, affecting the home value.

Traveling Helped Me to Change My Life Path

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Had you asked me what Colorado was like a few years ago, I would have mentioned that they have mountains. That is about all I knew about the area. But as a sales manager, I found myself being sent there for a number of work meetings located at our Denver office. Coming from the hot desert, I was enamored with the cool summer weather and the beauty there. I ended up meeting some Denver realtors at a restaurant that I ate at, and a couple of them gave me their business cards. I took it as a sign.

While on my latest trip, I was there in the winter when it snows. I’m now stranger to snow. Continue reading