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In metros older people are not valued, sometimes exploited

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Increasingly in the largest metros in India, older people are not valued and exploited. In many companies people who are more than 40 years are offered vrs. On a train, a middle aged lady was telling co-passengers that in a large metro, they usually prefer younger people, older people often face open discrimination.
In large cities there are a large number of opportunities available, so the local intelligence and security agency officials can afford to be selective in allowing only certain people to live in the city.
In some cases, they may make up some incredible fraud stories to grab the hard earned money of vulnerable people like single women.
The officials are sometimes extremely patronizing towards those who lived in the city, behave as though they are doing a great favor.
On the other hand, in small towns, there are relatively few opportunities available, many of the local retailers have relatively few customers compared to large metro cities , so people usually do not face open harassment.
So for people who are not well connected, small towns are a better option as real estate prices are lower.

Home owners forced to lead nomadic lives

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Increasingly some people who have homes in posh areas are forced to lead a nomadic life as powerful intelligence and security agency officials waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money trying to implicate them in false cases, so that they will be forced to sell their expensive and posh house cheaply.
The owners of the posh house will be under surveillance for years without a legally valid reason, as the officials try to frame the business owner for personal gain.

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Dishonest greedy intelligence, security agency officials affect home prices

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In some places, the intelligence and security agency officials will acknowledge the fact that a person has a right to his or her hard earned money and do not trouble the person wasting tax payer money. In other places, the local intelligence and security agency officials are extremely greedy and will harass, cheat and torture small business owners to force them to sell a stake in the business to them very cheaply.
This will make it difficult for a small business to flourish in the area, reducing employment opportunities and the demand for rental homes or homes for sale as people have less money.
When there is no demand for real estate, especially homes, the home prices will decrease to a very great extent and most people will be forced to migrate to other areas where there are more jobs being generated.

Officials abuse their powers to grab homes,property

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It appears that there are a large number of officials who have no qualms abusing their powers to grab homes, property, especially in posh areas of a city or town which will be expensive. The home owner may be the most law abiding person in the world, yet the cunning officials will make up fake allegations without proof, to put the person under surveillance, which help them frame the person, make fake allegations, manipulate the video footage.

When intelligence and security agency officials are involved in the home, or land grab, it will create more problems as they can remain hidden and cannot be held accountable. Compared to other financial assets, property prices can be manipulated to a great extent.

Home evaluation services for home loans

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Usually lenders will hire the services of a firm or individual offering home evaluation services before deciding the amount of the home loan and other terms and conditions. Though the income, profession and other details are factors in deciding the home loan, the value of the home as assessed by the home evaluation firm will also determine the amount of the home loan.
In case of the borrower is unable to repay the home loan the lender will often take possession of the home and sell it off.

Mobile towers reducing home value

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Increasingly people in posh areas of cities and towns throughout the world are finding that the presence of mobile towers in the close proximity of their home has adversely affected their health. People find that the mobile towers are causing a variety of health problems like headache, body ache, memory loss, insomnia, disorientation, eyesight related problems
Though there are some radiation shielding equipment like curtains available the effectiveness remains limited, especially when radiation fields are high.
So in some areas, people are objecting to the installation of mobile towers near their homes, or are forced to relocate

Drainage system and home value

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In tropical areas and in areas with heavy rainfall, snowfall the value of the home depends to a great extent on how good the drainage system will be. This is particularly important in low lying areas which are flooded due to heavy rains or when the snow will melt. Cleaning up a house which is flooded can be a major challenge for a home owner because in addition to the dirt and grime caused by the flooding, expensive furniture, appliances, document, home decor and home furnishing could get damaged.
Replacing or repairing the water damage can be expensive for a home owner of limited means. It can be difficult to reach home or office if living in a low lying area which is flooded in the monsoons, especially in neck deep water. So while purchasing or renting a home, it is important to check the topography of the home, whether it will be flooded during the monsoons and adverse weather conditions.
Homes which are regularly flooded during the monsoons are usually priced lower taking into account the water damage during monsoons or winter.

Home evaluation services customers

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The clientele for home evaluation services includes real estate firms, companies and banks, financial institutions offering home loans. While often real estate firms or realtors include home evaluation services as part of the many services they provide, having developed their expertise over a period of time, at times they may outsource home evaluation services, especially if they are selling or purchasing a home in a new area.
Other major clients of home evaluation services are firms which offer home loans to home buyers. Usually the home will be collateral for the loan and the home loan value will be typically 80% of the value of the home. As the home owner may inflate the value of his or her home, most of the lenders will prefer to use an independent third party home evaluation service provider to assess the value of the home accurately. In case the home owner does not repay the home loan, the lender may seize the home and auction it off to recover the amount lent to the borrower.

Safety considerations and home value

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A major consideration while selecting a home and home value is how safe the locality where the person is residing. In some posh areas, homes are under intense surveillance making it difficult for anyone to enter the area without being monitored. However intelligence agencies in some areas are allowed to enter homes using duplicate keys without a court order or informing the home owner in advance. So if these officials dislike the home owner due to personal reasons like jealousy, casteism and greed, they can abuse their power for their personal gains.
While a person who does not have a posh home is unlikely to have anything much of value in the home, people with expensive gadgets and valuables are more likely to be targetted for theft. In other case, a person may be targetted for vandalism . So people are more likely to leave areas where theft and vandalism will be reported, and the home rates will decline accordingly.