Most housewives get enough money from their husband

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In an indication of the lack of humanity of powerful officials in Indian society in 2017, they are targetting harmless single women for stalking, torture, human rights abuses , refusing to acknowledge the fact that these women have the right to their hard earned money and have to pay all the expenses, especially home maintenance expenses . On the other hand, most housewives only have to look after their family and house, their husband who is working, will usually pay them some money and also take care of all the repair and other work. The housewives are looking after the cooking, cleaning, they do not have to worry about getting payment from others, which is like gambling for small business owners who are not well connected.

CBI, Kingfisher House, Kingfisher Villa auction sale

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After holding numerous auctions, the Kingfisher House and Kingfisher Villa have not yet been sold, increasing the losses of the mainly public sector banks which have lent a huge amount of money to Vijay Mallya, Kingfisher . However few are willing to investigate the role of CBI in the financial fraud, because it is a well known fact that without cbi approval, no business or professional can grow in india, forget getting loans from public sector banks, inflating the value of their assets.
CBI has developed a very effective way of destroy the finances and reputation of any business owner who they do not approve, making completely fake allegations without any proof at all, against the small business owner, and then hysterically repeating the lies for more than 6 years like a parrot, encouraging, security, intelligence agencies and others to defame, cheat, exploit and torture the harmless small business owner.
The public sector bank officials were told to inflate the value of Kingfisher House and Kingfisher Villa while giving loans, allegedly because like many top CBI officials, Vijay Mallya, CEO of United Breweries controlling Kingfisher, was a GSB. However no looks at the rampant nepotism of CBI officials who are shamelessly abusing their powers to destroy the life of harmless citizens while allowing loan defaulters like Vijay Mallya to enjoy freely

Government officials mercilessly stalk, harass their engineering classmate

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To enjoy life time free sex, career promotion powerful ntro officials led by puneet, j srinivasan and others mercilessly stalk, defame, harass, torture, their harmless btech 1993 ee classmate, a harmless single woman engineer, whose impressive resume they have stolen for 10 lazy greedy mediocre google, tata sponsored goan call girls, cheater housewives and other frauds to get all the frauds lucrative indian intelligence jobs, forcing her to relocate repeatedly. These officials are merciless in diverting and stealing her correspondence so that the only visitors she is having are birds, squirrels, wasps and bees, puneet is diverting all her correspondence to his favorite goan call girl R&AW employee diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, falsely claiming to help , when actually he is doing everything possible to isolate his classmate whose life he has destroyed making it almost imposssible to get any kind of work including writing and content jobs

Finalizing a property deal

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While it is convenient to check property sales online depending on the photos, it is more difficult to get quick directions to reach the property, to check the actual condition, if the deal is being negotiated online. In addition to online methods of promoting, selling and renting property, it is also possible to get information about property and real estate deals available by visiting property fairs and trade shows. There are some websites which have a trade expo log online , for property buyers who wish to discuss the deal with the property seller, builder personally and get the matters clarified.

What Kind of Event Is Ideal to Hold in a Luxury Estate?

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Luxury homes are the modern-day equivalent of castles and manors. They’re grandiose, but far more inviting than their historical predecessors. They offer privacy and scenic views unlike any other property. That’s why they make the perfect sites for many group events – and if you’re a savvy enough investor, you can even look into purchasing a luxury manor with a built-in clientele for events and make money leasing it yourself between periods where you’re living there.

Check out to learn more about The Lazy Willow, a luxury property available for rent in a suburb outside of Chicago. It’s ideal for retreats for businesses, church groups, sports teams, schools and other organizations, such as sororities and fraternities. With six acres of outdoor area perfect for sports and eight acres of wooden grounds, there is plenty of room for your outdoor team-bonding exercises. There are multiple full suites indoors as well to house everyone who needs to come along.

Whether your high school or college graduating class is getting together for a milestone alumni reunion or your entire extended family is meeting for a multiple-day excursion of chatting, cooking out and playing sports together, a luxury home is an ideal venue for your large group reunion. There are enough rooms to house the entire class or family – or at least those most actively organizing the big day or weekend who need to be present on-site to set up and clean up. Luxury homes offer you the space and privacy you need to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Vacation in style away from the bustle of everyday life. If you live a hectic city lifestyle, there’s nothing more refreshing than a quiet wooden area for your days off. You can even go when still working on your computer or via the phone if you want to focus on a project without distractions. Bring friends and more members of your family for a vacation to take advantage of the bigger space and split the cost of renting the home.

Contact a representative from a property that suits your event today. Learn more about how the site can be prepared for your particular needs and how many guests can be housed on site. Whether your event requires time spent outdoors or indoors or both, a luxury home available for rent is the perfect site for your event goals.

Kingfisher Villa auction

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To avoid the numerous lenders, the owner of United Breweries, Kingfisher beer brand, Vijay Mallya left India, and allegedly is living in England. Now the banks who facing a loan default are trying to recover their money selling off the assets of Vijay Mallya in India including his property in Mumbai and Goa. In Goa, Vijay Mallya had a very luxurious mansion Kingfisher Villa in Candolim, North Goa where he held parties and entertained his guests, The well designed villa had a number of swimming pools, luxurious amenities, the latest in interior decor and artwork.
When Vijay Mallya was unable to repay his loans, SBI Caps attached Kingfisher Villa after completing the necessary formalities, contacting the collector of North Goa, Nila Mohanan. Before the actual auction was conduction, prospective buyers were allowed to inspect Kingfisher Villa, make a note of the facilities available at the mansion, evaluate the resale or market value of the home. SBI Caps specified four days for inspection of Kingfisher Villa in september and october 2016, so that the prospective buyers had sufficient time to check the luxury home.
For many luxury homes, there are no bidders willing to pay the reserve price of the home and the home remains unsold for a long time.
Like Vijay Mallya, 8-10 lazy greedy mediocre fraud google, tata sponsored R&AW, CBI, indian intelligence employees like gujju fraudster asmita patel,housewife naina mother of two sons, slim goan obc bhandari fraud sex expert sunaina, goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree, veena, ruchika, deepika are defaulters , getting a monthly salary of $300 each for falsely claiming to own domain names, when they are not paying a single penny for the domain names and are not interested in doing so in future also paying the market price,

According to a report in telegraph india after the death of corporate affairs official BK Bansal and his family due to cbi harassment, the police do not entertain any complaint against CBI, (also likely R&AW, NTRO). As the domain investor is facing great losses like the banks because of the default of the google, tata sponsored fraudster indian intelligence employees, like the banks she is trying to recover the money, opportunities she has lost to the google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees

Investing in a home at Port Ghalib

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Egypt is home of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world and also a popular tourist destination as a large number of visitors from all over the world are visiting the country to see the ancient monuments and also enjoy the pleasant weather. The country has a long coastline bordering the Mediterranean sea and the Red Sea, and its proximity to Europe makes it an inexpensive and affordable tourist destination for holidayers from Europe, especially those wish to escape the harsh winters. Port Ghalib is one of the newly developed townships in Egypt which combines the latest in technology and amenities, with the best of Arabic culture, making it popular with tourists as well as those who wish to relocate

Port Ghalib was designed to appeal to the luxury tourist and incorporates the latest facilities combining greenery with entertainment and relaxation facilities. It has a marina which allows tourists from all over the world to reach the town by sea and drop anchor. Visitors can get a glimpse of the rich flora and fauna of the Red Sea while diving. Camels can be used to traverse the desert in the vicinity of the port town. Marsa Alam International Airport and Hurghada airport are also popular with tourists who wish to fly into the city. Luxor which is famous for its ancient monuments is 230 km from Port Ghalib and can be reached using different modes of transport. There a number of luxury 5 star resorts in the Port Ghalib like the Palace Port Ghalib, Siva Port Ghalib, Port Ghalib Resort.

Port Ghalib Villas

However, staying for a long period of time in a resort can be expensive and privacy is limited, so those wish to relocate to Port Ghalib or spend winter or a few months every year in the port town will find it more economical to invest in their own house or apartment in Port Ghalib. There are a number of projects which are specially designed for those who wish to reside in Port Ghalib . The Marina residence with apartments and studios, combines Arabic design with the latest amenities like a swimming pool, and offers a choice of multiple views like swimming pool, canal or marina. The Tower Village is designed for the budget buyer and has a lot of greenery and places to interact with neighbours.Wadi Ghalib’s homes have domes and include the nubian style of design. Those interested in purchasing Hurghada real estate can also consider the residential projects at Port Ghalib which is in the vicinity of Hurghada before taking a decision.

Nestaway home rental network

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Nestaway claims to be India’s Largest Home Rental Network
It has homes for rent in the following cities

• Only 2 Months’ Deposit
• Rent Starting at ?5000
• Fully Furnished Homes Available

For a link, longer review or promoting similar websites, send an email to

Kindly note that shameless fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employee like goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak who is FAKING a btech 1993 EE degree and looks like kangana ranaut, are not associated with the website as they do not want to invest any money on domain names or do any work online, yet shamelessly and falsely claim credit, get a monthly salary from the indian government allegedly for their FRAUD with the help of shameless FRAUD PATHOLOGICAL LIAR google, tata, ntro officials.

Limited spending power in small towns affecting real estate demand

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The news that Dunkin Donuts outlet in Panaji was closed in September 2016 was not surprising as few government officials, especially in security and intelligence agencies are willing to acknowledge the limited spending power of individuals residing in small towns. It was sad to find that the outlet was closed, joining the long list of shops in panaji, that are no longer in business
These intelligence and security agency officials are getting a monthly salary, pension from the indian government, yet they are extremely greedy and selfish, refusing to allow small business owners in the city to flourish, ruthlessly torturing them for personal gain or hatred with microwave weapons, causing very great pain, making it difficult to earn a living .
In a large city like mumbai it is rare to find shops on main roads closed, in small towns like panaji, most people have limited spending power and there are a large number of shops which are closed .
Till the local intelligence and security agency officials are more honest and willing to acknowledge the effort of small business owners, who create wealth, instead of falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud relatives, friends like goan gsb fraud riddhi siddhi mandrekar, shameless extortionists own the business, the problem of limited real estate demand for homes, shops, offices in small towns is likely to continue

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